Paul A. Boivin - PHP Developer - Web Engineer - Sarasota Florida

Experienced PHP Developer and Web Engineer in Sarasota Florida

Paul Boivin

Paul A. Boivin is a senior php developer and web engineer working in Sarasota, Florida. Through his web engineering firm, Blink Tech, Paul has rolled out small, medium and large projects throughout United States, Canada and Europe.

According to his clients, some dating as far back as 1999, as well as being dependable, he has a keen ability to make complex development concepts simple and accessible. On top of his technical ability Paul as demonstrated skills as a teacher, leader and public speaker.

  • XSL/XPath
  • XML
  • JavaScript
  • VBScript
  • ASP
  • Linux/AIX/OS400 Admin
  • SQL
  • Java
  • PHP
  • JSP
  • TexisScript/Vortex
  • CSS
  • C
  • FLex
Software Proficiencies
  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Visual InterDev
  • Java JDK
  • Microsoft Front Page
  • Dream Weaver
  • Adobe Image Ready
  • Adobe PhotoShop
  • Adobe GoLive
  • SQL Server 7.0
  • MySQL
  • Texis
  • jQuery
  • pdbLib
  • Oracle 8.0
  • CodeWright
  • Eclipse
  • WebShere 5.0
  • CrystalReport
  • Apache
  • Tomcat/Jakarta
  • IIS (admin & security)
  • PHPMyAdmin
  • ArcIMS 3.1
  • RouteMapIMS 2.0
  • osCommerce
  • Zend Framework
  • jqGrid
  • ZfGrid
  • IBM  Certified Specialist - pSeries Sales
  • IBM  Certified Specialist - pSeries Technical
  • IBM  Certified Specialist - iSeries Solution Sales V5R2
  • IBM  Certified Specialist - iSeries Technical Solutions Design V5R2
  • IBM  Certified Systems Expert - iSeries Linux Solution Sales V5R2
  • IBM  Certified Systems Expert - iSeries Windows Integration Solution Sales V5R2
  • IBM  Certified Systems Expert - iSeries WebSphere Technical Solutions V5R2S
  • Sun MicroSystems - Java Certified
  • Montreal Conservatory - Masters in Music
  • Indiana University -Instrumental/Choral Doctorate Scholarship
  • The MCS Group: Java Programming
  • Keiser College: Java Programming
  • Keiser College: C/C++ Programming
  • Indiana University: Assistant Instructor - Music
Blink Tech Web Developper 2009- Co-owner, Developer 2007 - 2009
82 Degrees Tech Board Member 2006 - 2008
Blink Tech CEO, Developer, System Admin, Project Manager 2005 - 2008
MCS Business Technologies, Inc. Director Business Development, Project Manager 2003 - 2005
MCS Business Technologies, Inc. Developer, Project Manager 2002 - 2003 Developer, Project Manager 2001 - 2002 Developer, Project Manager 2000 - 2001
The MCS Group Inc. Developer, Teacher, Project Manager 1998 - 2000 Developer 1993 - 1998
  Find below a "partial" project portfolio demonstrating various skills, using diverse technologies in heterogeneous environments. Inquire for a complete and updated list at Blink Tech
2008 Ft Myers, FL
Web 2.0 Public Appraisal Site: developer, project manager, system admin
Develop a site to allow end-users rating, MEFO to manage registered users and provide an ad-banner management system.
Technologies: LAMP using Zend Framework
2005 - HANDS of Central Florida Orlando, FL
Mixed Projects: developer, project manager, system admin
Develop a custom client management system and protocol integration with Fannie Mae Home Counseling Online.
Providing ongoing programming, system admin, project management skills and B2B web services with government system.

Technologies: LAMP,DHTML,XHTML
2005 - Sarasota, FL
Mixed Projects: developer, project manager
Providing ongoing programming, system admin and project management skills
Technologies: LAMP,Web Services
October 2005 Botanical Liaison, LLC Boulder, CO
Application Update and Relocation: developer, project manager
Work in partnership with the University of Hawaii to migrate application and database. Audit all resources and produce a comprehensive environment topology.
Technologies: Java, HTML, JavaScript, Linux, Perl, MySQL
2004 - BGD Design Sarasota, FL
Mixed Projects: developer, project manager
Providing ongoing programming, system admin and project management skills
Technologies: LAMP,Web Services, DHTML, XHTML, Linux
March 2003 MCS Business Technologies Sarasota, FL
Websphere Showcase developer, project manager, system admin
Assembling a portal showcasing the versatile database connectivity WebSphere provides to platforms such as Windows, Linux, pSeries(AIX) and iSeries(AS/400).
Technologies: J2EE, WebSphere, DB2, DB400, Linux, AIX
August 2002 Synchrocom Tampa, FL
Collateral System: developer
Adaption and expansion for AOL TimeWarner of a custom collateral web application. Dynamic PDF generation engine feeding direct-to-print, email output, web display.
Technologies: PHP,PDFLib, PostgreSQL,DHTML, Linux
June 2002 In-Touch Consulting Sarasota, FL
Web-based Content Management: developer

Technologies: ASP,Access, JavaScript, DHTML.
May 2002 Dynamic Fitness, Inc Sarasota, FL
Web-based Client Management: developer
In this project the first step was to rebuild the former web site with a simple and scalable framework providing a solid and flexible environment for the following steps of the projects: client db management, scheduling, voting system, web services to other Pilates studios.
Technologies: JSP, MySQL, JavaScript, DHTML.
March 2002 Naple, FL
Search Engine developer
Search engine with a listing mechanism for participant. My role in this project was to help the current development by auditing the business model then building the component framework, the interface and back-end for adding restaurants to the database and the initial search display. This project is still under development.
Technologies: PHP, MySQL, Perl, JavaScript, DHTML.
February 2002 Tripp Restaurant Group, Inc Key West, FL
E-Commerce: developer
For this project I used the open source osCommerce PHP solution and customized it to the client's needs: Customized product images display; modified checkout process to reflect US taxation laws; integrated payment modules; configured and customized the secured admin area. This e-Commerce serves as an e-commerce package for two of the company's five restaurants:,
Technologies: PHP, osCommerce, Java, MySQL, HTML, JavaScript.
January 2002 Sarasota, FL
Web Hosting/Unix: system admin, developer
Co-location of my own Unix servers for specific client needs. After years of relying on hosting services which were less than reliable, I decided to go back to my old Unix roots and roll out my own Unix server running FreeBSD where I would have control of the cutting edge technology available on that server.
Technologies:DNS, Apache, Tomcat, Java, PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, XML, DHTML.
November 2001 Key West, FL
Web site/portal: developer
Upgrade from previous site. The framework was redesigned to accommodate integration of an e-Commerce solution (see above), easy modification of content, and enabling the plug-in of additional features such as a reservation system and more.
Technologies: PHP, Java, MySQL JavaScript, DHTML.
September 2001, Inc. Bradenton, FL
GIS Mapping Showcase: developer
In order to expand its product base of existing in house technologies, BW decided to offer mapping services. For this project I designed and built a GIS showcase consisting of 3 subprojects: Map on Demand was to allow for web site to request map to our server displayed seamlessly on their site; Store Locator, which gave store/companies having many locations to offer client GIS services such as map display and driving direction; Search Demo, was an adaptation of the local search mapping designed earlier but showing our abilities to also work with ArcIMS using this superior Java API to connect directly with the spatial server.
Technologies: ArcIMS Java, ASP, JSP.
July 2001, Inc Bradenton, FL
Multiple URLs Bid System: developer
The objective of this project was to upgrade Big What's (pay-per-click search engine) bidsystem to allow webmasters to manage multiple URLs. Previously this system had a one-on-one account/URL relationship. My responsibilities were to plan the upgrade, manage resources, modify and implement the data model (MS-SQL, Texis), modify the XML, ASP, JSP, and Java code used to interface MS-SQL and Texis, QA and roll-out to production. The new system went on-line in June 10 and contributed to BigWhat's 30% account increase.
Technologies: the XML, ASP, JSP, Visual Basic, ActiveX and Java.
May 2001, Inc Bradenton, FL
Mapped Search Result Display: developer
This project was an upgrade from the previous system using an older C GIS API. I was the architect, project manager and developer for this project, which employed 3 programmers. In a nutshell the client's query was initially passed to the Texis database containing more than 1 million entries from which only state information was passed to a client-side application that would make a long/lat to pixel conversion and generate layers displaying the selected state. After selecting the state the query was passed to complex interface, which would make the following trip between the Texis db and the customized GIS mapping solution.
Technologies used: DHTML, XML, JavaScript, JSP, Java, ASP, RouteMap IMS, Texis search engine and Vortex.
January 2001, Inc Bradenton, FL
Reporting System: developer
Actually this project lasted the duration of time I was the company. I wrote a custom admin system that would pull from the data model all the desired information dictated by the business model. Besides normal reports of sales, account created, active. The system reported customer trends that would later help modify the business model and also track possible credit card fraud.
Technologies: ASP, MS-SQL, Crystal Reports, WUsage
November 2000, Inc Bradenton, FL
Bid System: project manager developer
When I arrived at BW this bidding system had already been through a first phase of development subcontracted to My role was to audit the code, assess the gaps between the software system and the business model, and coordinate code modifications with MF's programmers, QA and bring the system live.
Technologies: used: XML, ActiveX, MSSQL, ASP, JSP.
August 2000, Inc Bradenton, FL
Search Engine Map Interface: developer
For this project I had to modify an existing C API provided by Texis to dynamically generate GIF images consisting of layers of coordinates of search results and text display on a template that consisted of a map of the US. Localized search being the basic of BW's business model, this system had to accurately and quickly (response time was under 0.5 second) display geocentric search results. I had to modify the C code's projection system and customize the GD lib functionality to accommodate how the client wanted the UI to be represented. The pixel coordinates were all HREF that generate a result set for that particular state.
Technologies: GIS, GD, GIF and C.
December 1999 The MCS Group, Inc Sarasota, FL
Pricing System: project manager, developer, Java instructor
This was a large project in which I participated in the initial proof of concept. The pricing system was developed for an aerospace industry company. My tasks were to manage the project, build an initial POC framework in HTML, write a web-based task log to be viewed by all involved in the project across the USA, develop the initial UI that would be an web version of an older "green-screen" RPG application. For the following stage of the application, planned to be written in Java, I started a Java class program to introduce Java to RPG programmer.
Technologies: Oracle, MS-SQL, HTML, JavaScript, Java,ASP.
June 1998 The MCS Group, Inc Sarasota, FL
IT/Web Department: IT consultant, system administrator, developer
The MCS Group has for most of its 20 years provided AS400 based solutions. They decided to embrace the growing Internet market by providing hosting and web development solutions. I helped build the infrastructure, configure the environment using NT servers, develop sites for the first clients such as SAMA, St Armand's Bakery, and Apus Aviation.
Technologies: NT, HTML, JavaScript, Java.
  • French
  • English
  • Italian
  • Flying (instrument rated pilot)
  • Conducting
  • Reading
  • Pilates
  • Rollerblading (with my lab Tucker)
  • Skiing (former ski patrol)
  • Martial Arts
  • Yoga - Bikram
  • MIDI Programming

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